SpringBoard Career Support Bundles

Career Premier Bundle

Do you want to improve your chances of landing the job and career that you have been training for when getting your education? You’ve come to the right place! Our career premier package consists of the following:

  • An online Job Search Questionnaire completed by you that captures your preferences in three primary areas:

    • Location and Geographical Preferences;

    • Work/Life Balance Considerations;

    • Areas that Help us Guide your Career Search.

  • Resume Review: A review of your CV/Resume with content recommendations and proofing by one of our resume experts. (must be in Microsoft Word or Google Doc Format)

  • 1-on1 Consultation: a 20-minute phone consultation to ask any clarification questions from your questionnaire and make sure you are comfortable with the resume recommendations.

  • Job Search: Synthesizing both your resume and questionnaire, your expert conducts a professional search for appropriate jobs to get you started on your career track- providing you links to up to 20 positions that seem to be a match for you.

Note: We find that most of our clients find this basic service enough to jump-start their career/job search!

Networking Results Bundle

Networking is an essential element of any job search for several reasons but the most important is that by not effectively networking you are limiting your ability to land your desired position.  LinkedIn notes, “The number one-way people discover a new job is through a referral”.  According to HubSpot: 

  • 85% of jobs are filled through networking.

  • 68% of entry-level professionals value face-to-face networking more than online.

  • One in four people doesn’t network at all.

  • Only 11% of LinkedIn users have more than 100 people in their network.

Our Networking Results Bundle provides you online training, a 15-minute consulting session and a Toolkit that, if you follow the recommendations, will improve your chances of being one of those who find not just a job but a job that you are passionate about.  Here is an overview of what you will get with the Networking Results Bundle:

  • An online introductory network training course that provides you:

    • A personalized networking plan.

    • Methods and practical suggestions to successfully develop your job-seeking network.

    • Role play examples of successful networking conversations.

    • How to use an Internship to effectively get hired in a “real job”.

  • A 15-minute conversation to review your networking plan and give you tips to improve it.

  • Networking Toolkit that includes:

    • A tool to capture the important information needed to foster and maintain your network

    • Questions to ask when you are conducting networking conversations.

    • Sample emails/texts that can be successful in getting you a conversation with networking contacts. 

Resume Improvement Bundle 

Many sites that claim they use AI to assist with updating your resume.  Our difference is that we use a human who has experience in receiving those resumes and reviewing them to fit in companies. “The human interface”

  • Receipt of your CV/Resume in a Word, PDF, or Google Doc format.

  • Review of your CV/Resume that consists of:

    • Format suggestions.

    • Keyword recommendations: to improve your chances of being seen when you apply for a position using an online application.

    • Proofing and content suggestions.

  • A 15-minute phone conversation with you to review the suggested changes and gain your approval.

Career Consulting Bundle

Maybe our Premier or Resume Bundle doesn't exactly work for you. You may feel you are stalled in your job search and you want a little consulting on some aspect.  The career consulting bundle will allow you to be in complete control of your needs.

The minimum purchase will be one hour of consulting time for a discounted rate of $50, which is non-refundable. This is typically paid before engaging with us.  We will start with a short conversation to allow you to explain your needs. You will then receive a plan and the estimated hours/cost that the consultant believes will be needed. The initial one hour of consulting will be considered in the estimate and accounted for in the total cost. 


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